Exciting new arrival at Jamaica Park

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of a very special stallion called Springwood Arcadia.

We would like to thank Yvonne Fuller from Rhesa Stud for allowing this stunning man to come live with us, we are very grateful for the opportunity to make our future breeding dreams, hopefully a reality.

Please go to Stallions page to see photos and details, with more photos to come in the future.

Spring is here, so are some foals!

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of our first 2 foals for the season. A striking buckskin colt and a dainty cremello filly. Please go to Foals Page to view their photos and details.

April News.

All foal are now weaned, taught to lead and tie. They are all for sale. Please go to Foals Page to see updated photos of our quality babies.

Oz Trek 2017

We had an amazing weekend at the beautiful town of Oxley, Vic. For this years Oz Trek. Mia attempted everything asked of her, we did the 7km Navigation Drive, we did the cones course, and a fantastic obstacle course. We are so proud of our little lady, such an honest girl willing to try anything.

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Aussie being driven on Australia Day 2017

We were invited to our first Parade in Harness. On Australia Day Mia attended the Australia Day Parade at Loch, Victoria.
She was a little Super Star, flags flying, kids running around her, loud music and Party Crackers did not faze her. We did 2 laps of the oval then the public came and patted Mia and asked questions. We had a wonderful time. Brandon and I got dressed in an Aussie theme for the occasion.

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